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Shabd Shibori :: Sakura Bloom Baby Slings

Shabd Shibori :: Sakura Bloom Baby Slings

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Sakura Bloom's Shabd Shibori collection features exquisite slings hand-dyed in Shibori, the centuries-old Japanese dyeing technique that highlights geometric repeat patterns.

Shabd Shibori for Sakura Bloom is rendered in sophisticated, rich hues of blue. Each sling is one-of-a-kind, dyed by hand in Brooklyn. This time, Shabd's canvas is our Classic Linen -- beautiful Belgian flax spun and woven to perfection. Featuring silver rings.

Includes an instruction booklet & is beautifully packaged in a keepsake box.

Sling features:
• birth- 35 lbs
• one size fits all
• can be worn in 5 positions
• excellent for breastfeeding
• machine washable on gentle cycle
• made in USA

Sakura Bloom ring slings are wonderful for many reasons. They are simple to use and easily adjustable so that parents may share a sling. With a little practice, it is very easy to nurse in a sling. The tail of the sling makes a great privacy cover for nursing (and a great sun shade as well!). Or create a sleek look by wrapping the tail of the sling around the rings. Soft, natural, strong, and luxurious. These baby slings will amaze you with their elegance and functionality.

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