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Flip One-Size Diaper Covers

Flip One-Size Diaper Covers

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Cloth diapering has never been so easy! The Flip diapering system is a diaper cover available with 4 insert options: Organic Day-Time, Organic Night-Time, Stay-Dry or Disposable. Super versatile, Flip covers can also be used with prefolds!

We love the stretch snap tabs that ensure a snug fit for tiny babies, yet are also very comfy for bigger babies & toddlers. Flip one-size covers and inserts adjust to fit babies from 7-35+ lbs. We recommend having 3-4 reusable inserts per cover.

  • Quick diaper changes! Just tuck the insert under the soft flaps at either end of the diaper.
  • Form fitting elastic to prevent leaks.
  • Patent-pending comfy stretch butterfly closure.
  • Durable snaps closures.

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