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about gorgeousbaby

The inspiration... our first gorgeousbaby! In the spring of 2006, we found ourselves with an armful. Our high needs baby who was most content when held, weighed a whopping 22 lbs at just 5 months old. At that time there was a lack of comfortable, stylish & streamlined baby slings. We started small... sewing at the kitchen table and my how we've grown! Although we no longer manufacture our own products, we have sourced the best baby carriers & cloth diapers from around the world.

We believe in sustainable business practice and whenever possible source our supplies locally. We feel strongly about being environmentally & socially responsible. We recycle in a BIG way! 100% of packaging/ shipping material is recycled including cardboard, soft plastics & paper.

We adore babywearing and are proud to carry the world's best baby carriers. We have personally used/ tested all of the carriers we offer and enjoy sharing our experience.

We believe in natural parenting and have cloth diapered two babies and we're happy to share our favorite cloth diapers with you.

We are proud to celebrate our 10th anniversary this year!