Sedona Sakura Bloom Scout
Sedona Sakura Bloom Scout

Sedona Sakura Bloom Scout

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Sedona... a natural pink from Sakura Bloom's Basic Collection. Handcrafted from Belgian linen.

Beautifully packaged & includes an instruction booklet. Made in the USA.

Welcoming a newborn? Need a carrier for your toddler? Want to carry them on your back? Scout will be there through all the stages that you and your little one will experience together. It is designed with the ability to snuggle your newborn, without the need of an insert, while allowing their legs to be in or out.

As they grow and develop, Scout grows right alongside your baby. It’s simple, sleek, design complements the convenience of perfectly adjusting the panel to your baby’s size. Create a custom fit with a simple cinch tie located discretely inside the panel. Features 6 different chest clip positions, a supportive ring waist, and a detachable hood for sleepy babies.


Good for use with babies 7-45 lbs., this is truly a carrier for every stage of your babies development, from the newborn days and on through the toddler years. It’s simple adjustability allows your Scout to grow with you.

Panel Size

• 19.75" from top to bottom.
• 16" from top to top of waistband.
• 15.5" wide, cinch-able down to 5". 
• Panel height is adjustable for smaller babies.
• Waist Strap Length 65" 

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